So what is "Iron Swell", and where did the idea for this business come from?

In short: the "Iron" represents weightlifting, and the "Swell" represents the ocean. Kelsie, founder of Iron Swell Co., had a dream of merging her love for the water and boardsports with her passion for strength training and helping people achieve their fitness goals. She holds a degree in Marine Biology, has been personal training since 2014, has competed and coached from the local to the national level in Powerlifting, and enjoys everything from SCUBA diving to wakeboarding when it comes to the water! Through our Beachfront Bootcamps, we want to bring people together at the waterfront to workout in a fun, supportive environment. Not everyone gets the chance to lift weights in the California sunshine regularly at Muscle Beach, so we're bringing our own twist to this iconic idea through our Beachfront Bootcamp classes. We have chosen two of Lake Erie's best coastal parks to host our workouts this summer - Lakewood Park (west of DT Cleveland), and Osborne Park (east of DT Cleveland). Our goal for the future is to put Iron Swell Beachfront Bootcamps on every coast, nationwide! Read on below to hear about what makes us more than just another generic group exercise class.

How are we more than just another bootcamp business?

You hear about bootcamps popping up all the time. They're in just about every park, in every city across the nation.

So what makes us different?

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