About Iron Swell

Iron Swell Co. was created for those of you, like us, who have a love for both the waves and weights. We believe in the power of IRON (weightlifting) and VITAMIN SEA (the ocean) to strengthen the mind, body, and soul. That's why, this summer, we will be launching our inaugural Beachfront Bootcamps at two of coastal Ohio's parks, with a vision of spreading our bootcamps to every coastline nationwide! Our workouts will feature full-body exercises led by an experienced, certified and passionate head coach. At our bootcamps, you can expect to push sleds, swing kettlebells, carry farmer's handles, toss atlas-sized balls over your shoulder, and balance on Indo Boards (this is just a short list of our fun activities, of course!). We welcome all kinds of people, with all different experience levels to come join us for bootcamps this summer. No prior fitness experience is required...it's our job (and passion) to show you the ropes. Together we'll build your "beach bod" right here at the beachfront! 

Now, there's no need to skip your workouts to go play outside this summer. Join us and you can do both. #BuiltByTheBeach


Lakewood Park

morninG BOOTCAMP classes will be held at Lakewood park, just west of downtown cleveland. this park is bustling with things to do; from volleyball courts to a children's wading pool, from a skate park to our bootcamps! bring your kids along to play in the park while you workout with beautiful views of lake erie.


Osborne Park

OUR evening BOOTCAMP classes WILL BE HELD at osborne park near mentor and willoughby, approximately 20 miles east of downtown cleveland. we chose osborne park for its large open green space overlooking the lake. you cant get a much better view than this - all while getting a great workout in!

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Why Join Our Beachfront Bootcamps?



According to the American College of Sports Medicine, working out in a structured group class comes with many benefits. One of the largest benefits is the convenience! At our Beachfront Bootcamps, all you have to do is show up and we will already have the entire warm-up, workout, and stretching routine planned out for you! You don't need ANY prior fitness knowledge or exercise experience; that's what your coach is there for. This makes your workouts quick, fun and effective! In addition, if there's ever any exercise that you don't feel comfortable doing, your coach will be right there to show you a modification or assist you in correcting any technique errors.


We get it - you work all day, have friends, family and pets to tend to, dinner to cook, etc. and that makes it hard to stick to a regular workout routine on your own. But in order to achieve any physical change to your body composition or athletic performance, studies show that you need at least 3 days per week of moderate-high intensity workouts. This is the exact reason we have structured our bootcamps to be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at two convenient locations! At our classes you'll also be surrounded by a group of fun, supportive people and a coach that will be there to hold you accountable! Give us just 1 hour, 3 times per week and we guarantee you'll see results.

Fun & Unique Equipment

We spent countless hours doing research to come up with the best variety of equipment for our clients to use at the Iron Swell Beachfront Bootcamps! In total, we have over 100 pieces of exercise equipment, and we plan to keep adding more to the list as our business grows. We didn't want to just be another "bootcamp in the park", having members show up with a yoga mat to do generic, boring workouts. We'll keep you excited to come to every bootcamp with new, challenging workouts and fun equipment to use each time! View our ABOUT page to read more on the equipment we provide our clients to use here at the Iron Swell Beachfront Bootcamps.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Lakewood Park

14532 Lake Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107


Osborne Park

38575 Lakeshore Blvd, Willoughby, OH 44094